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Hello, my name is Bryan Long I am 33 years old, married to my lovely wife Jennifer and a father to my beautiful 6 year old daughter Olivia and 5 year old son Griffin. I'm currently the Practice Manager at Kronos. I'm also working on growing my startup

I'm passionate about tech, indy and startups. If you'd like to connect feel free to reach out to me at anytime is a food-finding website that allows users to search by ingredient and dish names and see what is available in the culinary world around them. Want steak? Type in “steak” in the search field. You’ll find that steak is available at more than steak houses. Asian, Mexican, and a myriad of ethnic cuisines use steak in their recipes. You might find that a little known pub down the street has a world-class steak sandwich that you should probably try out. By searching for food and not for restaurants, you’ll find that the ingredients you love can be and are being prepared at a local restaurant around the corner. opens your eyes (and bellies) to these new possibilities. Search for food. Find what you crave.


Do you own or manage a restaurant? Have you ever thought about how your customers find your restaurant or menu?

Be Found

With your restaurant can be found! We showcase your menu and all the food on it that makes your restaurant amazing.

Food Pics wants all you foodies to share your food pics with us. We take those food pics and showcase them on the restaurants menus so other people can see these amazing dishes.


Is it hard for you to update your restaurant menu every time you change a few dishes? With our menu management solution allows the restaurant to manage their menu across multiple platforms and websites with one login.

Application looks amazing both on your phone and on your computer. You can also find our app "Cravely" in the app stores for both Android and iOS.

Marketing is the #1 way to market your restaurant menu.

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